Silent Ice, Raging Fire – Part II

Picking up where we last left off, Khraden completes his conversation with Afrasastrasz at Wyrmrest Temple.

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Upcoming series

Afternoon folks…

I’ve got a little series coming up that I’d like to share. It isn’t a blog on a specific subject, but one of my own writings that I thought I’d toss out there. Maybe let you all get a feel for it, and even toss around some editorial comments.

The story is called “Silent Ice, Raging Fire.” It is a compilation of the life of my World of Warcraft Paladin, between the expansions of Wrath of the Lich King and the Cataclysm. It has a couple of twists and turns, and even a little love story attached.

It is a pretty rough draft. I’ve only gone over it a couple times, and made changes here and there, but haven’t really proofread it fully yet. I’m pretty sure that the chronology should be in place, but any comments are welcome.

We’ll start it, after the break…

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Horizon’s Blade :: Prologue


In the darkness… only I can hear you scream.

Only I know the depths of our quaint existence.  Only I have the patience to see what lies ahead.  Only I have the will to bring you here where even light dare not enter.  Only I can truly fear the power that I have been given, and yet not know its limits.

Only I have felt the true wrath of God.


Isen rose over the curved slice in space that was the illuminated horizon of Fenrir, spreading its life giving rays over the peaceful landscape below.  PFC Thomas D. Kellison peered out the small porthole at the view unfolding below him.  He took in the seemingly untouched beauty of the most recent human colony in extra-sol space.  To see it all from orbit was an always a breathtaking experience, no matter how often it happens, PFC Kellison thought to himself.  Finally, taking a chance to relax before they were ordered to the surface, Thomas leaned his head against the bulkhead.

What was once a hard, but cool surface suddenly felt as if it was made of molten metal.  Thomas was knocked sideways and slammed into the stacked steel crates he had just organized in the loading bay of the TOC Khrados.  All around him, the floor began to spark and flash, as spikes of superheated metal speared through the composite steel.  Pain quickly rushed through his neck and back, instantly and automatically activating his EFA implants.  A soothing flood of dopamine and adrenaline filled his veins, but it still did not suffice for the burning pain that cut in his (barely regulation shaved) scalp.  Whatever had come through had knocked his helmet clear off his head.

As he stood, he began to hear the quiet hiss of the Khrados’s repair systems attempting to seal the pot marks in the hull of the ship.  Just over the hum of those systems Kellison also heard a roll call being shouted by MSGT Shift.  There were only a few replies, Kellison’s included.  Each voice was followed by a fellow squad mate wearily making their way into the open area in the middle of the loading bay.  It was fortunate that only a small group was assigned to complete the preparations for the drop, or there may have been more casualties. The Khrados lurched again, sending several of them stumbling to the floor once again.

As quickly as it had began, all the chaos and motion had stopped. The sweeping hiss of the repair systems could still be heard, but all else was quiet.  No alarms. No message over the comm. Nothing.

The silence lasted for several tense seconds until MSGT Shift stood up again, only having fallen onto one knee.

He looked out what was once part of the bulkhead, but was now an opening into the vacuum of space, only sealed by the Khrados’s shields… Fenrir was no longer so serene.

Please feel free to leave any comments you might have. This is only a portion of the prologue… or maybe the whole thing, I haven’t decided. I just wanted to give a peek into what the story it self was working its way towards.

Welcome to Horizon’s Blade

Well, I’ve decided to create a new blog, this time focusing on writing, be it mine or anybody elses.

I was inspired to start it after finishing a “Prologue” for a story I was working on. I had always wanted to work on a science fiction based project, but never got around to it, so, this time, I did.

It’s called, just as the blog is called (cause the name sounded cool), Horizon’s Blade. I’ll post the prologue a little later. I’m open to any criticism, just follow the Wil Weaton rule… “Don’t be a dick” 🙂

If you happen to have a writing piece that you’d like to have critiqued, whether with your name or not attached to it, let me know, and I’ll try to get it posted as well.

Again, welcome to Horizon’s Blade, and I hope you enjoy.